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      We use data-driven technology to create real-time tools for airport operators. Our adaptive approach aligns with your KPIs and scales to meet changing demands.


      Our smart technologies enable proactive problem-solving for security professionals, ensuring seamless operations based on human presence data.


      Our hospitality solutions balance guest satisfaction with resource optimization by enabling personalized service while maximizing efficiency.

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Revolutionizing Hospitality with Smart Building Solutions! At the heart of hospitality lies the satisfaction of your guests. We offer four groundbreaking solutions that can radically improve your guests’ experience and efficiency.


Elevate your hospitality with GRASP Innovations Hospitality's comprehensive solutions, ranging from anonymous people counting to occupancy sensing.

The benefits



Improved guest


Data driven building

Cost reduction

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How it works

Smart housekeeping

Radically improve your housekeeping efficiency and guest satisfaction. Without disturbing guests, a faster turnaround in hotel rooms, insight into room usage and schedule optimisation.

Smart janitorial services

Switch from preset interval cleaning to usage-based cleaning for cleaner washrooms, measurable performance, improved staff effectiveness, guest satisfaction, and better planning.

Energy savings

Cut hotel room energy bills without compromising hospitality. Remove keycards and turn off power in unoccupied rooms without disrupting your guests.

Building management

Accurate occupancy data is critical to effective building management, including presence detection, people counting, and movement patterns. This data can be to measure important spots, improve retail/commercial operations, enhance security, and guide evacuations.          

Occupancy sensing

Area count

Building management

Foot traffic measurements

Object detection


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